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The Decisive Factor

Flower Selection

Changing seasons, festivals, holidays, and special celebrations often call for different varieties of flowers. Firmly rooted in the floral field, we can assist with the best selection for you and your peace of mind.

Flower Count

Precision Matters

Our team of highly qualified and trained experts know exactly how to break down a design to provide you with the accurate number of flowers, foliage, and filler you will require, without resorting to cost cutting solutions.

Flower Care

It makes all the difference

It’s been a long journey for your flowers, traveling from the farm to auction houses, a plane journey and finally arriving to your venue. Unbox and allow them to breathe. This is step one. Every flower is unique and requires specific attention. Take a few moments and learn easy ways to care for your flowers. They will be grateful to you.

Transportation & Logistics

Make it safely. In time.

On the great Indian roads, from winding highways & expressways, rural roads, bumpy roads and congestion. This is routine for us. The paperwork, custom clearance, import duties and necessary documentation is taken care of by us. No matter what - your valuable cargo is guaranteed to be delivered in time.

Flowers you love

Access to an extremely coveted selection of flowers, now made easily available.

Order right

Only the highest quality products and service, just a click & call away.

Easy logistics

No stress. All paper-work, custom clearance & delivery, done by us.