You are the catalyst. It is your passion, your secret language of love and appreciation that becomes a bouquet or a garland. With us, you have freedom. You have creativity. You have peonies, dahlias, carnations, marigolds and a vast resource to select your materials.

Cutting the flowers

Cutting the flowers

Cut the flowers at an angle of 2 cm before placing them in the vase. Don't be afraid to cut them too short, if the stems are too long, it will take too long for the water to absorb and they will die. By cutting the flowers you create an open entrance at the bottom so that the water can be absorbed by the flower.

By cutting it diagonally you get a larger surface so that they can absorb more water. Otherwise, the vessels can become clogged and the flour can absorb less water. The bottom of the stem, where the flowers are cut, can best be compared to a kind of wound. If the stems are out of the water for more than a few minutes, these "wounds" will close and not absorb enough water.

It is best to cut the flowers with a knife; you have special blades, for example like a kind of cheese slicer with which you can cut them at an angle. Or with a regular sharp knife. Scissors are not advisable because you use them to press the barrels closed a little.

Do the stems get clogged? Then you can rinse them with fresh water and cut them off again. Just clean the vase and then you can put it down again!

Remove any excess leaves

Remove any excess leaves

Most flowers grow leaves, which you remove from the stems so that when you put them in the water, they do not get into the water. Preferably even up to the height of the rim of the vase. If leaves touch the water, it is more likely that they will decay and the water will become cloudy because of the pollution and deposits will form that can also block the flowers. Bacteria multiply very easily on leaves, causing stems to rot and flowers to have a shorter life. In addition, it also looks a lot more stylish and "airier" when the vase is not completely closed.

Add Chlorine

Add Chlorine

Add a drop of chlorine (or biological detergent) to the water to make the flowers look longer. You probably recognize that if you throw away the flower water, an attack will remain. Chlorine kills bacteria and by adding it to the water, the vase stays clean longer, so that the flowers last longer. One drop is enough, too much chlorine will only have the opposite effect.

Extra Tips

  • Make sure the packaging will be thrown a in a right disposal (plastics, or papers).
  • Throwing away the flowers should be done at the compost

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